Richard Calder

Richard Calder - novels

Four Walls Eight Windows, US, 2002

Little, Brown, UK, 1998

Little, Brown, UK, 1998; Four Walls Eight Windows, US, 2002

'As with Calder's previous novels, the main attraction is not so much the plot as the very bizarre lens through which the author views his created worlds, and the complexity of his intelligent and sometimes hallucinatory prose For those seeking originality of vision, this is a winner.'
Science Fiction Chronicle

'There's an individual vision here, which'll certainly appeal to those with a taste for cyberpunk, wild sexual attitudes and obscure words.'
SFX Magazine

'Frenzetta is set in a fictional universe unlike anything Calder - or for that matter anyone else - has given us before. Here we have a richly baroque and decadent future Earth mutated into a complexity and strangeness that I could not begin to describe here, but which Calder renders admirably, fully, and deeply, in a prose style richly powerful but well under control.'