Richard Calder

Richard Calder - novels

Simon & Schuster, UK, 2000

Simon & Schuster, UK, 2000

'In Malignos, we once more find the type of star-crossed lovers whom Calder employs so fruitfully. Richard Pike, human warrior and demon-slayer in a far-future world gone rotten with biological monstrosities, has fallen in love with a turncoat female demon named Gala. When his lover's mind is stolen away by her vengeful subterranean kindred, Pike must journey to the literal centre of the wormy earth to find a cure for her condition. His journey is lurid, gripping, and emotionally wrenching. As if Clark Ashton Smith had collaborated with William Hope Hodgson, this book evokes a kind of lusty angst and frenetic ennui that is, ultimately, refreshingly upbeat.'

'His voice remains as distinctive as ever: wryly mordant, darkly lyrical, and laced with an authentic fin de siècle decadence … Endlessly inventive, bitingly comic and affectingly tragic, its ultimate revelation turning upon a genuine evocation of sense of wonder, this story of a Dying Earth and the quest of a melancholy champion is remade by Calder into something genuinely strange and original.'