Richard Calder

richard calder
'I've long been an admirer of Richard Calder's unique vision and I'm glad he now has a website I can visit and keep myself up to date on his highly readable and original work.'
Michael Moorcock
'The most intriguing author in contemporary science fiction.'
Lucius Shepard
'Dark, edgy and inflected with just the right degree of lyricism.'
William Gibson
'One of the sassiest, most uniquely talented writers of SF to appear in many a year.'
Paul Di Filippo
'Calder is a British writer of considerable talent ... deep, disturbingly thoughtful, formally innovative ...'
Norman Spinrad
'Disturbing originality, which explodes in your face like a fistful of fireworks ... unsettling, genuinely exotic and fiercely intelligent.'
Paul J McAuley
'Richard Calder's mastery of technique, his bold, uncompromising vision, and his commitment to both surrealism and the fantastic, make him one of a handful of writers with genuine integrity. Calder is one of the few writers willing to plunge the reader headlong into a truly alien milieu. The quality of the writing is stunning, but so are the storylines.'
Jeff VanderMeer
'Funny, ornately erotic, and frequently inspired.'
John Clute
'Some of the richest, sexiest, most rococo writing I've ever encountered.'
K. J. Bishop